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21 May 2022
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The Friend VR

2022 “The Friend VR”, 30 min, interactive VR, live action & CG environment

Synopsis: The Friend VR invites audiences to explore The Temple of New Thought, a phantasmagorical 3D VR environment where they’ll encounter video projections of the seven sermons delivered by The Friend, profiles and spoken word philosophies of eight …

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30 December 2020
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Unconscious Biases VR Series

2019-20 Unconscious Biases VR Series, 360 videos for HR training

My Work : Executive production, Creative direction

Creative Agency & Production: NativeVR

Production & Post-prod Studio : LightSailVR
Client: under NDA
Written By: Clara Bijl

Directed By: Nathalie Mathe & Matthew Celia
Director of Photography: Matthew Celia
Line Producer: Robert Watts
Synopsis : A series of nine interactive 360 …

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30 May 2020
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WIP “Wallada”, 30 min, interactive room-scale VR experience, fiction

Synopsis : What makes you resilient? How do you reconstruct your life after it has been completely shattered? WALLADA is a creative VR experience celebrating the capacity to reinvent oneself and overcome traumatic events through Arabo-Andalusian art and poetry.
Produced by : NativeVR
Production …

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27 March 2018
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2017 “UTURN – Ep 1: The Tech Startup”, 10 min 360 video, fiction comedy

Synopsis : What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis? With a comedic twist, UTURN is an immersive live-action VR series where the viewer gets to experience …

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27 May 2017
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US Postal Service – VR app

2017 “USPS”, VR outdoor adventure, promotional short

My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees video, stabilization, timelapse, painting out tripod
Post-prod Studio : Tactic and null
Production : Missing Pieces
Synopsis : As part of the US Postal Service’s “Irresistible Mail” campaign, this 360° VR app with interactive overlays takes …

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