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2022 “The Friend VR”, 30 min, interactive VR, live action & CG environment

    • Synopsis: The Friend VR invites audiences to explore The Temple of New Thought, a phantasmagorical 3D VR environment where they’ll encounter video projections of the seven sermons delivered by The Friend, profiles and spoken word philosophies of eight Saints of New Thought; and animations of each Saint’s disturbing set of relics. The Temple of New Thought is a mashup of an old-fashioned circus, hot mess drag show with the reverence of traditional devotional spaces.
    • Created by: John Sanborn
    • Directed by: David Lawrence
    • Produced by: Nathalie Mathe
    • Website
    • Online Release Date: TBD
  • 2D Trailer:


  • Credits:
    • Creative Director: John Sanborn
    • VR Director: David Lawrence
    • VR Producer: Nathalie Mathé
    • 3D modeler & Unity developer: Steve Horwath
    • Concept Art: Dan Rutter
    • Main Actors: John Cameron Mitchell
  • Festivals/Exhibits:
    • Survey exhibit of Sanborn’s work, ZKM Center for Arts & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany – July to Oct 2022
    • Preview at VideoFormes, France – March 2022
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Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   21 May 2022


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