A Day of Learning

1996 “A day of learning” ( 9’20″), documentary short film

  • Synopsis: An inspirational and lively video on pre-school bilingual education. It shows French/American bilingual education through cultural immersion in two coordinated pres-school programs. Three and four years old children learn a second language as well as a different culture. The video illustrates five basic domains of pre-school learning, as well as pre-reading and pre-math exercises. It helps understand very young children’s needs,and encourages parents to support their child’s learning through play at home.
  • Credits:
    • Director, producer, videographer, editor : Nathalie Mathé
    • Writer: Elizabeth Ferrié
    • Sound : Ed Fritz
  • Festivals:
    • IMAGEFes Festival, Palo Alto, CA (1998)
Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   23 March 1998


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