US Postal Service – VR app

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2017 “USPS”, VR outdoor adventure, promotional short

    • My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees video, stabilization, timelapse, painting out tripod
    • Post-prod Studio : Tactic and null
    • Production : Missing Pieces
    • Synopsis : As part of the US Postal Service’s “Irresistible Mail” campaign, this 360° VR app with interactive overlays takes the viewer on a camping and kayaking journey, while also enabling an interactive UI overlay of gaze-based “hot spots” which simulated an embedded shopping experience.
    • Online Release Date: May, 2017
    • App available on mobile, for iOS and Android
  • 360 Video :

USPS VR Experience (captured from interactive app) from Tactic on Vimeo.

Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   27 May 2017


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