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2007-2008 “Maskarad” ( 15’), 2D animated short film project

  • Synopsis: Alia is a young gifted magician: whatever she paints becomes alive. However she feels lonely and longs to discover the world of human beings. But she is far from suspecting dangers awaiting her in the city of Maskarad ! … A tale of exploration for finding one’s true identity.
  • Animation Techniques:
    • Paint and Sand (development of an original animation technique with liquid paint, cut-out animation of glued colored sands, and traditional animation of powder sands)
  • Characters and Sets:
  • Storyboard Extract: sequences 22 to 24
    • scenes cut : Nathalie Mathé
    • drawings : Jérôme Charton
  • Production: in standby (first producer dropped out at the end of 2008, project was submitted for funding grants to CNC’s short films comission, to Centre Image’s artist in residence program and to Annecy Festival short projects competition  in 2009, without success! )
Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   15 December 2009


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