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30 June 2013
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Fast and Furious 6

2013 “Fast and Furious 6″ (2h10), feature film

My Work : Mattes painting and camera projections of entire canyon 3D environment for tank chase sequence, plus additionnal mattes painting projections per shot.
Post-prod Studio : Double Negative, Londres
Production : Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Original Film, One Race Productions, Etalon film
Director …

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15 December 2012
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2012 “Skyfall” (2h23), feature film

Job: Matte painting and camera projections of sequence on the roofs of Istanbul grand bazaar.
Post-prod Studio : Double Negative, Londres
Production : Eon Productions, Danjaq
Director : Sam Mendes
Script : Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan
Synopsis : Bond’s loyalty to M is tested when her …

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5 December 2012
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The Dark Knight Rises

2012 “The Dark Knight Rises” (2h45), feature film

Job: Textures, matte painting and camera projections of stadium explosion sequence.
Post-prod Studio : Double Negative, Londres
Production : Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, DC Entertainment, Syncopy
Director : Christopher Nolan
Script : Jonathan Nolan,­ Christopher Nolan
Synopsis : Eight years on, a new evil rises …

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28 September 2012
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Total Recall

2012 “Total Recall” (2h), feature film

Job : Buildings and vehicules textures (Mari), camera projections and matte painting, on film car chase and tower explosion sequences, and trailer
Post-prod Studio : Double Negative, Londres
Production : Total Recall, Original Film, Prime Focus, Rekall Productions
Director : Len Wiseman
Script : Kurt Wimmer,­ …

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30 September 2011
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A happy event

2011 “A happy event” (1h47′), feature film

Job : 3D modeling, camera animation, Matte painting and camera projection (shot of Paris roofs)
Post-prod Studio : Mac Guff, Paris
Production : Mandarin Cinema, Gaumont
Director : Rémi Bezançon (“The first day of the rest of your life”)
Script: Rémi Bezançon, ­ Vanessa Portal, Eliette Abeccassis
Synopsis : …

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16 August 2011
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2011 “Rebellion” , feature film

My work : Matte Paintings and Textures 3D props (helicopters, planes, jeeps, trucks, Kanaks)
Post-prod Studio : Mac Guff, Paris
Production : Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boiffard for Northwest Film in coproduction with UGC Images, Studio 37, France 2 Cinema
Director : Mathieu Kassovitz
Screenplay : Mathieu Kassovitz, ­ Pierre …

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14 January 2011
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The Little Prince

2010 “The Little Prince” (52 x 26’), 3D animation serie

Job: Layout 3D
Animation Studio : Method Animation, Paris
Production: Aton Soumache-Method Animation, Sony Pictures, DQ Entertainment, La Fabrique d’images
Authors: Matthieu Delaporte, Alexandre de la Patellière, after the novel by Saint Exupery
Direction: Pierre Alain Chartier
Broadcast: next on France 3

Little Prince website

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14 January 2011
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2010 “Planes”, test for a Disney 3D animation movie

My Work : Textures of characters-planes Dusty and Skipper, and airport hangar environment
Animation Studio : MacGuff, Paris
Production : Disney Toon Studios
Synopsis: Dusty is a cropdusting plane who dreams of competing in a famous aerial race. The problem? He is hopelessly afraid of …

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15 December 2009
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2009 “Wakfu” (52 x 26’), 2D/3D animated TV series

Job: 2D/3D Layout  of episode ” Sadida Kingdom”;
Animation Studio: Ankama, Paris
Production: Ankama Roubaix
Director: Thomas Astruc
Broadcast: France 3

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15 December 2009
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Pat and Stanley

2008-2009 “Pat and Stanley” (39 x 13’), 3D animated TV series

Job: 2D Texturing and 3D Shading of sets, characters and props;
Studios d’anim: Mac Guff, Paris
Production: TF1, Mac Guff
Director: Pierre Coffin
Artistic Director: Marco Allard

Broadcast: TF1
Award: Special Price for a TV series – Annecy Festival 2009
Synopsis: Pat, the only  hippopotamus on TV …

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