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2011 “A happy event” (1h47′), feature film

  • Job : 3D modeling, camera animation, Matte painting and camera projection (shot of Paris roofs)
  • Post-prod Studio : Mac Guff, Paris
  • Production : Mandarin Cinema, Gaumont
  • Director : Rémi Bezançon (“The first day of the rest of your life”)
  • Script: Rémi Bezançon, ­ Vanessa Portal, Eliette Abeccassis
  • Synopsis : Based on the novel by Eliette Abeccassis. “My baby has changed my life, pushed me into my corners, made ​​me overcome all my limitations, I was faced with the absolute of letting go, tenderness and sacrifice.” A happy event breaks the taboos of motherhood through the tragi-comic diary of a young woman who becomes a mother.
  • Actors : Louise Bourgoin , Pio Marmaï , Josiane Balasko
  • Release date : Septembre 28 , 2011
  • Mattes for camera projection :

Un heureux evènement - 135

Un heureux evènement - 268

Un heureux evènement - 400

Un heureux evènement - 550

  • VFX shot of Paris roofs:

  • Teaser :

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