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Road to VR, December 1rst,2017 : Being in two worlds at once with UTURN

3D Total, July 22nd, 2015 : From VFX to virtual reality with Nathalie Mathé

CG Society, July 13th, 2015 : Artist Profile: Nathalie Mathé

Virtual Reality Reviewer, June 30th, 2015 : 20Q with Nathalie Mathé

3D Total, April 9th, 2014 : Interview with Fast & Furious 6 matte painter, Nathalie Mathé

CG Channel, April 2014 NASA researcher turned matte artist Nathalie Mathé

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Voices of XR speaker series, University of Rochester, March 4, 2022, invited talk, “VR as an Empathy, Creative and Social Impact Medium”

How AI is transforming Gaming, Media & Entertainment Summit, UC Berkeley, Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Feb 24, 2022, Program co-curator and co-host

Gatherverse Summit, online, Feb 20-24,2022, Panel on The Evolution of EdTech

ILRN (Immersive Learning Research Network), project showcase in FrameVR, May 26, 2021, “Designing in VR for VR”

Beyond Zoom – Promise and Reality of XR, April 15-16, 2021, Using VR Creative Tools to engage students in Virtual World Building to overcome social isolation

AWE Conference, Santa Clara, May 31st, 2018 : How Storytellers Teach Ethical Behavior (Panel)

VRTO Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 15, 2018 : Fundamentals for Spatialized Narrative (Talk)

360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference Conference, Tokyo, Japan, May 28, 2018 : What’s Next for 360 Video? (Talk)

Empowered Women Leadership Summit, San Francisco, March 24, 2018 : Leveraging Virtual Reality to Overcome Gender Bias (Talk)

Women in Tech Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara, Nov. 30, 2017: Overcoming Challenges (Panel)

Women in AR/VR/AI/ML, San Francisco, Nov 16, 2017: Using VR to foster gender diversity with UTURN (Talk)

Tech Inclusion Conference, Oct 18-19, 2017: Future Technology & Inclusion: Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (Panel)

Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct 14, 2017: VR at the cross-road (Panel)

IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference, Prague, June 3-6, 2017. Virtual Reality Design and Storytelling in UTURN (Talk) – YouTube video

AR VR Women meetup, March 16th, 2016: The A-Z of Creating AR/VR Content (Talk)

IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference, Prague, June 1-4, 2015: Challenges and opportunities behind cinematic VR (Talk)

EnterVR: A live Panel with Women working in the Virtual Reality industry, April 29th, 2015 (Panel)


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