Chevy: Opening New Roads VR

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2016 “Opening New Roads – Chevrolet/Facebook Campaign”, 360° Documentary Series, promotional shorts

    • My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing five 360 degrees videos, stabilization, painting out tripod
    • Post-prod Studio : Tactic and null
    • Production : Developed by Facebook Creative Shop in association with agencies The Story Lab and Commonwealth//McCann, with production by Missing Pieces
    • Synopsis : Five short documentary videos following five persons seeking to push their limits: conquering fears of heights or water, competing in a new sport after suffering a debilitating injury, training to climb Mount Everest as a Muslim woman, and learning to dance.
    • Online Release Date: December 19, 2016
    • 360 Videos :
    • Surfing

    • Climbing

    • Skydiving

    • Kayaking

    • Dancing

Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   27 December 2016


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