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31 March 2015
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The North Face: Climb VR

2015 “The North Face – Climb”, VR outdoor adventure, promotional short

My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo video
Post-prod Studio :  Jaunt

Production :  Jaunt
Synopsis : Experience the thrill of rock climbing and base jumping alongside premier outdoor athletes in this stunning 360-degree 3D VR film. Join …

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28 October 2014
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Zero Point VR

2014 “Zero Point” (15 min), first Oculus Rift Virtual Reality immersive documentary

My Work : Lead Compositor, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo videos, leading pipeline development and Nuke templates tests and implementation.
Production and Post-prod Studio : Condition One, San Francisco
Director : Danfung Dennis
Producers: Anna Newman, Lily Achatz
Synopsis …

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23 March 1998
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A Day of Learning

1996 “A day of learning” ( 9’20″), documentary short film

Synopsis: An inspirational and lively video on pre-school bilingual education. It shows French/American bilingual education through cultural immersion in two coordinated pres-school programs. Three and four years old children learn a second language as well as a different culture. The video …

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