Unconscious Biases VR Series

2019-20 Unconscious Biases VR Series, 360 videos for HR training

    • My Work : Executive production, Creative direction
    • Creative Agency & Production: NativeVR
    • Production & Post-prod Studio : LightSailVR
    • Client: under NDA
    • Written By: Clara Bijl
    • Directed By: Nathalie Mathe & Matthew Celia
    • Director of Photography: Matthew Celia
    • Line Producer: Robert Watts
    • Synopsis : A series of nine interactive 360 videos for diversity and inclusion training using VR. Each video (5 min long) is addressing a different bias (racial, ethnic, gender, etc.) via a compelling short story.
    • Online Release Date: used for training within the company
  • BTS photos:
Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   30 December 2020


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