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2006 “MootMoot” (15 x 13’), 2D/3D animated TV series

  • Job:
    • Mattes paintings of 2D sets;
    • Research, testing and Supervising of 2D/3D layout
  • Animation Studio: Pumpkin-3D, Paris
  • Production: 4 Mecs en Baskets, 4 Mecs à Lunettes, French Connection Animations
  • Writers: Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, François Reczulski, Clément Oubrerie
  • Director: François Reczulski
  • Artistic Director: Clément Oubrerie
  • Voices: Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, Fred Testot, Omar Sy, Booba, Grand Corps Malade, Diam’s, Julie Ferrier, George Eddy, Elie Semoun, Michaël Youn, Stéphane Rousseau, Anne De Petrini, Audrey Vernon
  • Diffusion TV: Canal+
  • Award: Cristal for a TV production –  Annecy Festival 2008
  • Synopsis: Created by humorists Eric and Ramzy, Moot-Moot presents the adventures of a family of crazy sheeps.

ils descendent…

la famille moot moot | MySpace Video

Karl rencontre Berthe

la famille moot moot | MySpace Vidéo

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