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27 March 2018
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2017 “UTURN – Ep 1: The Tech Startup”, 10 min 360 video, fiction comedy

Synopsis : What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis? With a comedic twist, UTURN is an immersive live-action VR series where the viewer gets to experience …

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4 December 2014
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Kaiju Fury VR

2015 “Kaiju Fury”, VR fiction short

My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo video
Post-prod Studio : New Deal Studios, Jaunt, The Stan WInston School of Character Arts
Production : New Deal Studios, Jaunt
Director/Writer: Ian Hunter, award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor
Synopsis : This short puts you in …

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4 December 2014
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The Mission VR

2015 “The Mission”, VR fiction short, war

My Work : VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo video
Post-prod Studio : New Deal Studios, Jaunt

Production : New Deal Studios, Jaunt
Director: Matthew Gratzner, award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor
Writer: Ryan Gaudet, Joseph Kanarek
Synopsis : The Mission is the first live action …

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30 December 2011
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Speed of the past

2011 “Speed of the past” (15′), short film

Job : Mattes painting and animation of pile of furnitures.
Post-prod Studio : Mac Guff, Paris
Production : Mezzanine Films
Director : Dominique Rocher
Script: Rémi Bezançon, ­ Vanessa Portal, Eliette Abeccassis
Synopsis : A love story that never really heals. A sweet and poetic film …

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15 December 2009
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2007-2008: Maskarad – Writing, graphical research and developement of a 2D animated short film in paint and sand animation

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30 September 2009
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Voiceless Child

A poetic encounter between a voiceless child and a old flute player…

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7 November 2005
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2005 “Krizalid” ( 30”), short animated clip

Synopsis: Birth of a butterfly from a few drops of paint in a pond …
Animation techniques: Liquid paint (development of an original animation technique with watercolor paint), Sand, CG animation

Writing, directing, paint and sand animation, 3D modeling, textures, shading, compositing: Nathalie Mathé
3D Animation: …

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23 March 1998
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Natural Living, Natural Fashion

1996 “Natural Living, Natural Fashion” ( 5’30″), short feature

Synopsis: A spoof on an environmentally-correct talk show. Overly environmentally conscious individuals are invited to present their fashion ideas and costumes, made of home grown hemp, or sexy recycled materials.


Directors : Chris Burgman, Nathalie Mathé, Yvonne Clearwater
Writer : Chris Burgman
Production : Wes …

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23 March 1998
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A Day of Learning

1996 “A day of learning” ( 9’20″), documentary short film

Synopsis: An inspirational and lively video on pre-school bilingual education. It shows French/American bilingual education through cultural immersion in two coordinated pres-school programs. Three and four years old children learn a second language as well as a different culture. The video …

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22 March 1998
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Heading South

1996 “Heading South” ( 2’30″), short feature

Synopsis: A young couple splitting up.


Co-directors : Wes Sage, Nathalie Mathé
Writers : Wes Sage, Nathalie Mathé
Videography, Editing: Nathalie Mathé
Production : Kiki Kessler
Actors : Shannon McDonough, Ron Coauch
Teachers : Ed Coupee(directing), Fritz Bettjer (videography and lighting)


Award of Distinction: Honoring Special Events, The Videographer Awards 1997
Honorary …

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