Zero Point VR

2014 “Zero Point” (15 min), first Oculus Rift Virtual Reality immersive documentary

    • My Work : Lead Compositor, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo videos, leading pipeline development and Nuke templates tests and implementation.
    • Production and Post-prod Studio : Condition One, San Francisco
    • Director : Danfung Dennis
    • Producers: Anna Newman, Lily Achatz
    • Synopsis : We follow the pioneers of virtual reality; the researchers and developers creating an entirely new digital dimension. From combat training simulations at the Department of Defense, to research labs at Stanford, to indie game developers and hackers, this immersive video experience brings viewers into the future of virtual reality.
    • Camera operator-Editor: Christian Serge
    • Compositors: Nathalie Mathe, Lori Williams
    • Image engineers: Chris Wheeler, Peter Wilkins, Jon Simpson
    • Release Date : October 28, 2014
    • Festivals Selection: Sundance New Frontier, 2015

View it in the Rift:

  • 360 deg images :





Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   28 October 2014

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