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2011 “Rebellion” , feature film

  • My work : Matte Paintings and Textures 3D props (helicopters, planes, jeeps, trucks, Kanaks)
  • Post-prod Studio : Mac Guff, Paris
  • Production : Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boiffard for Northwest Film in coproduction with UGC Images, Studio 37, France 2 Cinema
  • Director : Mathieu Kassovitz
  • Screenplay : Mathieu Kassovitz, ­ Pierre Geller, ­ Benoît Jaubert, based on Philippe Legorjus’ book « La morale et l’action»
  • Synopsis :
    April 1988, island of Uvea, New Caledonia.
    30 policemen held hostage by a group of Kanak independence rebels.
    300 soldiers sent from France to restore order.
    2 men face to face: Philippe Legorjus, GIGN captain and Alphonse Dianou, leader of the hostage takers. Through shared values​​, they will try to overcome obstacles through dialogue.
    But in the midst of presidential elections, when political stakes are high, order is not always dictated by  moral values …
  • Actors : Mathieu Kassovitz (Capitaine Legorjus), Labe Lapacas (Alphonse Dianou), Malik Zidi (Jean-Pierre Picon), Alexandre Steiger (Jean Bianconi)… With appearance of Sylvie Testud (Chantal Legorjus) and Philippe Torreton (Christian Prouteau)
  • Release date : Novembre 16, 2011
  • Web Site :
  • Mattes :


  • Textures :
  • Trailer :

Posted by Nathalie Mathé   @   16 August 2011

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