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10 April 2015
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Visions of California VR

2015 “Visions of California”, VR fashion short

My Work : VR supervising, Visual concept of dream sequence, 360 degree compositing and camera projections
Post-prod Studio : Jaunt
Production : 7 For All Mandkind, Jaunt
Director : Patrick Meegan
Synopsis : this first-ever Virtual Reality fashion film bringing to life the story of …

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30 June 2013
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Fast and Furious 6

2013 “Fast and Furious 6″ (2h10), feature film

My Work : Mattes painting and camera projections of entire canyon 3D environment for tank chase sequence, plus additionnal mattes painting projections per shot.
Post-prod Studio : Double Negative, Londres
Production : Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Original Film, One Race Productions, Etalon film
Director …

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